Bantam – small chicken

What  is the difference between chicken and bantam ?


They’re both chicken, the size is the only difference.

Bantam is a small domestic chicken variety, a miniature version of a member of a standard breed, or a “real bantam” without a larger counterpart.

Bantams are grouped according to type or physical appearance into six classes;

  • Modern Game
  • Game
  • Single Comb Clean Legged
  • Rose Comb Clean Legged
  • Feather Legged
  • All Other Comb Clean Legged

Orloff Bantam Chickens

The Orloff bantam breed is one of the rare breeds. In the early 20s, Rudolf Barth started to outbred the Orloff bantam . Due to a lack of space, he had to hand...


Nankin Bantam Chicken

Nankin bantam is probably the oldest of all true bantam breeds with no more variety. It is a true small breed with no standard counterpart and one of the...


Pekin Bantam Chickens

Pekin Bantam ; China, introduced in Germany in 1886. The first Cochins bantam came to Germany as early as 1886 and probably also to Switzerland around 1890...