Bantam – small chicken

What  is the difference between chicken and bantam ?


They’re both chicken, the size is the only difference.

Bantam is a small domestic chicken variety, a miniature version of a member of a standard breed, or a “real bantam” without a larger counterpart.

Bantams are grouped according to type or physical appearance into six classes;

  • Modern Game
  • Game
  • Single Comb Clean Legged
  • Rose Comb Clean Legged
  • Feather Legged
  • All Other Comb Clean Legged

Waasse Bantam Chickens

Waasse Bantam chickens ; originally come from Belgium, the Land van Waas region. The waasse bantam is an almost exact copy of the belgian bantam and differs...


Frizzle Bantam

Frizzle Bantam really lives up to its name, it looks shaggy. The Frizzle Bantam breed has been known for a long time and there is no definite information about...


Niederrheiner Bantam

The Niederrheiner Bantam breed was bred from the large breed in Germany. In the early 1940s, Ernst Runne of Ehlershausen started with this bantam. To do this...


Ardenner Bantam

Ardenner Bantam ; was recognized in Belgium in 1913 and was bred from poultry and english game fowl bantam around the Liège region. The Ardenner Bantam is a...