Altsteirer Bantam Chickens

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altsteirer bantam chicken

Altsteirer bantam chicken is a domestic chicken breed raised in Germany. This is the main difference to normal growth, except for body size and weight, is  in

  • Altsteirer bantam roosters 900 grams
  • hen 800 grams

The body of the Altsteir bantam poultry breed is horizontal and wide. This breed of chicken can also be described as strong land chickens, because they are very similar to them. A striking feature of this breed is the comb surrounding the feather head and chickens with the typical crimping folds of the bantam chicken breed.

Altsteirer large fowl also known as Styrian hen, is an ancient breed from the Styria area of Austria and Slovenia. It is also known as Old-fashioned Styrians

The color of the feathers is wild brown or white. White chickens are in danger of acute extinction. In general, the Altsteirer bantam , like its normal size, is one of the endangered domestic breeds.

  • Altsteirer bantam has 160 eggs a year. The eggs have an ivory white color and weigh 35 grams.
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altsteirer bantam hen – Styrian hen
Altsteirer bantam chicken - white
altsteirer bantam white rooster

Also known by the names : Zwerg- Altsteirer, Altsteirer naine, Vecchia Stiria Nana, Alsteirer kriel, Altsteirer Miniaturowy, Zdr. Starioštajerská, Zdr. Štýranky, Törpe óstájer


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