Ameraucana Bantam

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Ameraucana Bantam

Ameraucana Bantam is a clean-legged bird with a pea comb. Like their standard counterparts, they come in multiple colors. They also lay eggs in shades of blue, green, and pink.

Ameraucana bantam is an American native chicken breed. It was developed in the United States in the 1970s and is derived from Araucana chickens brought from Chile. It was added to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Excellence in 1984. Its name derives from “America” and “Araucana”.

Ameraucana is recognized as a separate genus from Araucana in the United States. In some other countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom, both tailed and reckless variants of the Araucana are considered a single breed.

Bantam is a selectively reduced version of the large size ameraucana breed.

  • Rooster: 850 g
  • Hen: 730 g
blue roster - ameraucana
Ameraucana Bantam – rooster
bantam hen - americak chickens
Ameraucana Bantam hen

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