American Leghorn Bantam

american leghorn bantam rooster

American leghorn bantam history;

In 1835, Italian Italians arrived in Livorno port to New York. Americans were enthusiastic about the breed, happy to give birth. They crossed Ancona, Minorca and Malays to improve flooring performance. Leghorn breed was born. After its name, Livorno is called Leghorn in the English-speaking world. Leghorn and Italians are very similar. Even experts find it difficult to separate white Italians from Leghorn. There are countries where White Italians and Leghorn are treated as a breed.

  • This chicken breed is only available in white.
  • American leghorn only in white British leghorn different colors
  • The large breed from which it is grown is Leghorn or American Leghorn. The origin of the breed is in the USA.
  • The bantam form appeared relatively late. Until 1940, the bantam Leghorn breed was not recognized in the USA.

By 1960, there were 9 color changes, some with rose scallop. In almost all countries, only pure white color change is recognized. In Germany, the breed was recognized by the BDRG (German Poultry Breeders Association).

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Three production lines emerged: Europe, British, Netherlands and American-German.

Overall impression;

White plumage, dark yellow beak and legs. Small legs are very live chickens and are characterized by very good laying performance. The live dwarf chicken with a rather deep body, moved horizontally, small head, medium habit and wide-bottomed tail, long and fan-shaped.

  • Rooster 0.8 kg
  • Hen 0.7 kg

Bantam White Leghorns are wonderful layers of white eggs. The laying performance of a chicken is 180 eggs per year.

white chicken leghorn
leghorn bantam hen
bantam chicken leghorn
Leghorn Bantam

Also known by the names : Amerikanisches Zwerg-Leghorn, Leghorn Américaine Naine, Leghorn Nana, Leghorn Enana, Amer. Leghorn Kriel,  Amerikai Törpe leghorn, Amerikanski Leghorn Bantam

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