Andalusian Bantam Breeds

chicken rooslter
Andalusians Bantam rooster

Breed İnformation ;

Country of Origin UK. Elegant bantam chicken with a chartered temperament. They are elegant and fine poultry in certain colors. egg sizes are good

Available in a large fowl with the same name . Large breed is of Spanish origin

  • rooster 900 gr.
  • hen 800 gr.

Eggshell color: white. Andalusian batams lay about 120 eggs a year

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Just one kind of color:

  • blue edged

The best subjects have a very dark blue background color, always bright; each feather is bordered by a very dark blue border, as close to black and bright as possible.

Bantam hen - chicken breeds - Andalusian Bantam
Andalusians Bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Andalusier, Andalouse naine, Andalusa Nana, Andalusiër kriel, Dværg Andalusier, Andaluzyjskie Miniaturowe, Zdr. Andalúzka, Zdrobnělé Andalusky, Törpe Andalúz, Andaluska Kokoshka Bantam

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