Ardenner Bantam

Ardenner Bantam - belgian breeds- chickens - black
Ardenner Bantam

Ardenner Bantam ; was recognized in Belgium in 1913 and was bred from poultry and english game fowl bantam around the Liège region.

The Ardenner Bantam is a lightly built, slender small in the shape of a distinctive grouse. A slightly upright posture suggests a proud stance, but an emphasis is placed on a tense body shape.

The Ardenner Bantam is a lively and very original breed. It is understood in a short time that it is a village chicken breed. So the Ardenner Bantam can fly well, likes to spend the night at the top of a tree and generally needs more freedom of movement. But they are equally content to stay in a spacious aviary. source

  • Rooster ; 600-650g,
  • Hen ; 500-550g
hush - rooster - belgian - bantam
Ardenner Bantam Rooster
hen - black - bantam
Ardenner Bantam Hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Ardenner, Ardennaise naine, Ardennese Nana, Ardenner kriel, Törpe Ardenni

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