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Augsburg bantam

Augsburger Bantam The Augsburg chicken, from which the Augsburg bantam was bred, is a typical breed of domestic chicken. It was first bred around 1880 in Augsburg and in the Black Forest. The crown comb is typical of this breed of chicken, but it is difficult to breed because it is not constantly inherited.

The Augsburg bantam are, in contrast to the normal grown Augsburgers, quite rare. The distribution area is limited to Europe, but especially to Germany. Both the normally grown Augsburg and the Augsburg bantam are considered to be very robust and can quickly adapt to harsh climatic changes.

  • Roosters 900 g
  • Hens 800 g

In the past, these chickens were bred exclusively for reasons of beauty, but now the dwarf Augsburgers are also kept as laying hens, with up to 120 eggs a year this is not unusual.

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Augsburg bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Augsburger, Augusta Nana, Augsburger kriel, Augsburskie Miniaturowe, Augsburskie Miniaturowe, Zdr. Augsburčanka, Ausgburčanky, Törpe Augsburgi

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Augsburg chickens were crossed with black legged Italian Lamotta chickens by Julius Meyer of the French La Fleche breed around 1870. The Augsburg chicken, the only


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