Australian Langshan Bantam

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Australian Langshan bantam chickens

Australian Langshan emerged in 1950 as a popular breed across much of the Australian continent. Shortly after the great variety was created, breeders from New South Wales developed a bland version of the breed from the small stock of regular Australian Langshans.

  • Rooster 1.0 Kg
  • Hen 0.9 Kg
white -rosster - bantam - australian
Australian Langshan bantam rooster
bantam hen
Australian Langshan black bantam hen
white - hen - bantam
Australian Langshan white bantam hen

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langshan chickens
australian langshan
is an Australian large chicken breed that is crossbreed from Croad Langshan and considered a breed recognized by the Australian Poultry Standard. Australia Langshan is little known outside Australia, but it is a popular breed within the country


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