Australorp Bantam

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Australorp Bantam chickens

Australorp bantams are a breed of bantam that was bred in Germany from the Australorp, the Orpington bantam, the dark-barreled bantam Barnevelder and the Langschan bantam. The black bantam Australorp was officially recognized in Germany in 1969, the white one in 1973, the blue-lined one in 1986.

They are described as agile, balanced and human-facing bantams. The external characteristic is the massive trunk. The cock has many major and minor sickles on its tail. The Australorp bantam is bred in the colors black, white and lined with blue. ( wiki )

Rooster: 1.3 kg
Hen: 1.0 kg

they lay 160 eggs a year

Australorp Bantam - rooster
Australorp Bantam – blue rooster
black chickens - Australorp
Australorp Bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Australorps, Australorp Naine, Australorp Nana, Australorp kriel, Dværg Australorps, Australorps Miniaturowy, Patuljasti Australorp, Zdr. Australka, Zdrobnělé Australky, Törpe Australorp

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australorp chicken
Australorp was breed in Australia at the beginning of the 20th century from Orpingtons and Croad Langschans as a dual-use breed and is still one of the more common breeds that can still be found quite often.


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