Barbu de Boitsfort Bantam

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Barbu de Bosvoordse bantam

Barbu de Boitsfort or “Bosvoordse Baardkriel” is a Bantam chicken breed developed in Belgium.   Chicken is also a tailless variety of Barbu de Watermael and has very similar characteristics. It got its name from the Watermael-Boitsfort commune in the Brussels region of Belgium.

All Belgian bearded bantams have a tailless variety. Barbu de Boitsfort is one of the new Bantam breeds from Belgium. Barbu de Watermael and Barbu de Grubbe were created by crossing  without a tail and were first presented in Bruges in 1997. It was accepted as a breed in Belgium in 2001.

Barbu de Boitsfort is a very small, stocky little beast with an upright posture. The chest and lowered wings that are slightly pushed forward underline the overall impression of the bantam fish. The three-piece beard, straightened, rear facing front lock and three-piece comb-ended rose comb are among the main characteristics of the breed.

Barbu de Boitsfort is known for the colors of Barbu de Watermael Bantam,

  • Rooster ; 600 gr,
  • Hen 500 gr.
balegian bantam - rumpless - rooster
Barbu de Boitsfort rooster
barbu - hen - white - belgian bantams
Barbu de Boitsfort hen

Also known by the names : Bosvoorder Bartzwerg, Barbu de Bosvoordse, Barbue de Boitsfort, Bosvoordse Baardkriel, Boosvoordi Szakállas Törpe

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