Barbu Du Grubbe Bantam

belgian bearded bantam - chickens
Grubbe Bantam chickens

The Grubbe bearded bantam ;

is said to have originated around 1904 in the Grubbe bantam breeding of Antwerp bearded bantams, close to the town of Kortenberg. Robert Pauwels is generally acknowledged as the person who first produced the Barbu du Grubbe around 1904. There is virtually no record of their history.

The lack of the tail is due to a loss mutation in the genes. The boltails were quite popular, especially in Belgium. This is because it was thought that tailless chickens were less likely to be caught by predators (foxes). We therefore know a number of Belgian varieties with a bobtail variant:

The Grubbe beard bantam are the tailless variant of the Antwerp beard bantam and have the same properties.

  • Rooster: 650 g
  • Hen: 550 g
belgian bantams - barbu
Barbue du Grubbe rooster
bantam chickens - bobtail
Barbue du Grubbe hen

Also known by the names : Grübbe Bartzwerge, Grubbe Bantam, Barbu de Grubbe, Barbue de Grubbe, Barbuta di Grubbe, Grubbe Baardkriel, Grübbi Szakállas Törpe, Gryubska Bradata Bantamka

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true bantam - belgian chickens
Bearded d’Anvers – true bantam chickens

The Antwerp Bearded bantam is a breed of domestic chicken that was bred or racially refined in Belgium in the second half of the 19th century. This breed, which is



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