Barbue d’Everberg

bantam chickens
Barbue d'Everberg chickens

Barbue d’Everberg are the tailless variant of the Barbue d’Uccle. The origins of the Barbue d’Everberg are around 1906. The first example was shown in Everberg, a small village east of Brussels at the time.

Many varieties of boltail varieties are known.

Barbue d’Everberg , Barbue d’Uccle Like the Bearded bantam is a small, stocky little bantam with a proudly raised chest, a plump, three-piece beard and bushy neck hair, as well as strongly developed gloves and a full toe squirt while standing. Instead, a full and tight lick should be aimed. A full and broadly covered saddle is also typical for this breed. The Everberger Bartzwerge are a lively species, but they are very trusting and have a pronounced breeding instinct.

  • Rooster: 700 g
  • Hen: 600 g
bantam rooster - belgian chickens
Barbue d’Everberg bantam rooster
Barbue d'Everberg
Barbue d’Everberg bantam hen

Also known by the names : Everberger Bartzwerge, Barbue d’Everberg, Barbu d’Everberg, Barbuta d’Everberg, Everbergse Baardkriel, Everbergske Skæghøns

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