Barnevelder Bantam

rooster and hen - barnevelder rooster
barnevelder bantam chicken

Barnevelder bantam about ;

Barnevelder bantam – good layers of eggs and very frugal, Barneveld bantam chicken can be described as a real city chicken. Specially bred for the limited housing conditions of urban chicken lovers. The idea of ​​breeding goes back almost 100 years. The new breed Barnevelder Chicken was introduced by a Dutch breeder at the World Poultry Congress in The Hague in 1921. Due to the dark brown eggshell color, this chicken was very popular.

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Barneveld bantam ;

A year later, a German breeder, Dietrich Giesen of Mühlheim, devoted himself to growing this kind of dwarf form with the same characteristics. Among his chickens was a particularly small chicken. This must be the basis for his bantam Barneveld breeding.

By choosing Rhode bantam, he has already achieved a significant “shrinkage”. Later he moved to Langschan bantam, Gold wyandotten bantam and Indian bantam Warriors to reach his breeding goal. This is provided for a small chicken with excellent economic characteristics, best suited to urban housing conditions. A sample explanation for this has been available since 1925.

Barnevelders’ bantam colors and color changes ;

The different color shades of Barnevelders have come a long way. Barneveld chicken double-band brown-black

  • Rooster 1.10 kg
  • Hen 0.90 kg

Barnevalder bantam lays 120 eggs a year

german chicken - Zwerg-Barnevelder - barnevelder bantam
hen bantam barnevelder
bantam chicken
barnevelder bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Barnevelder, Barnevelder naine, Barneveld Nana, Barneveld enana, Barnevelder kriel, Dværg Barnevelder, Barnevelder Miniaturowy, Patuljasta Barneveldska, Zdr. Barneveldka, Zdrobnělé Barneveldky, Törpe Barneveldi, Barnevelder Bantam, Barneveld Pitică


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