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Bassette Liegeoise

Bassete Chickens ; At the end of the 19th century, farmers in southern Limburg and the region around Liège kept small country poultry. It was a mixed bag, but all animals were very sturdy and had good emptying properties. From this original population, Mr. William Collier, supported by some big names from the Belgian poultry world, created a breed through strict selection, which he named Bassette (loosely translated this means small, low animal). The breed standard was established in 1930.

Bassettes are bantams that carry their bodies almost horizontally. This bantam shows an expressive country chicken shape. The male has an angled, fully covered tail. The legs are only moderately long. The runs are short. In relation to their body size, bassettes lay relatively large eggs.

The Bassette is a large bantam or a small poultry – which is why this breed is also known as the half bantam.

  • Rooster: 900 g
  • Hen: 800 g

The greatest capital is the laying power. The number of eggs can reach almost 180 pieces per year. The hen is also a good brooder.

Most bassets are available in the silver quail color variant, but various other colors are also recognized. Bassets can be seen regularly at exhibitions, especially in the Walloon part of the country.

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Bassette rooster
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Also known by the names : Bassetten, Bassett, Basset


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