Bielefelder Bantam

bantam chickens - german - bilefelder - kriel
Bantam Bielefelder chickens

Bielefelder Bantam is a very young breed originating in Germany and Bantam is one of the breeds. Bielefeld large fowl; It was created using Amrocks, Mecheln, Welsumer, Rhodeländer and New Hampshire. If Bilelefeld is Bantam It is a smaller version of it.

Fast-growing, weather-resistant, characteristic color small, long and straight dorsal line and a blunt tail angle, lower than mid-height and hardly showing thighs.

  • Rooster: 1.3 kg
  • Hen: 1.1 kg

Laying capacity 160 eggs in one year.

zwerg hahhn - bielefelder
bielefelder Bantam Rooster
bielefelder chickens - bantam
Bantam Bielefelder hen

Also known by the names : Bielefelder Zwerg-Kennhühner, Poule de Bielefeld naine, Bielefeld Nana, Bielefelder kriel, Zdr. Bílefeldka, Zdrobnělé Bielefeldské, Bielefeldi Törpe, Bielefelder Pitică

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