Brakel Bantam Chickens

bantam chickens
brakel bantam chickens

Brakel’s first small types date from 1933. In Holland, Brakel bantam was bred from large breed and Sebright in 1933. From 1952, Friedrich Werthmann in Arnsberg developed the modern brakel bantam from the silver brakel and the black german bantam. In 1957, the silver colored breed was included in the standards.

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Brakel bantam is a smaller representation of the big Brakel. That’s why they are rectangular in shape, with a deep chest and a well-developed belly. Simple breeding on a silver-white-brown background with pronounced bottom or under the right price makes the Brakel bantam a popular breed of chicken.

  • Rooster : 800-900 gr
  • Hen : 700 – 800 gr

Lays 120 eggs in one year.

brakel - banrtam - silver
brakel bantam rooster
brakel hen - bantam type
brakel bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Brakel, Braekel naine, Braekel Nana, Braekel kriel, Dværg Brakel,
Brakel Miniaturowy, Zdr. Brakelka, Zdrobnělé Brakelky, Törpe Brakel, Brakel Bantam

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