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About Burmese Bantam chicken breeds

The original Burma bantam, which is claimed to return from Burma, is taken into account to be the first sort of a series of original petite breeds, like the Dutch booted bantam. Once completely lost, the breed was recreated within the Netherlands within the 1990s, using various breeds.

Overall impression;

A brief , large stock bantam, characterized by a beard, a little hill, chopping heels, toe hairs, and a comb with two horns. Especially small, but without exaggeration.

His calm and assured , very familiar character makes him a particularly cute chicken. Its furry appearance, short shaggy legs, beard and large top provides it a singular walk!

Burmese Bantams share some physical features with Dutch’s Booted Bantam. In fact, Booted Bantam is one among the creators of the Burmese Bantam, because the important Burmese Bantam was almost extinct. And modern Burmese Bantam is an approach to the important one, developed by crossbreeding with other breeds like a liberated Burmese rooster; Boots Bantams, Polish bantams and Sultans.

Each Burmese bantams features a spectacular crest made from feathers projecting upwards from the top .

  • Rooster: 750-900 grams
  • Chicken: 600-700 grams

Burmese chickens lay out large numbers of brown eggs and are excellent siblings and become good mothers.

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Also known by the names : Burma Zwerghühner, la Poule Burma, Burma Krielen,

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