Cornish Bantam Chicken

english chicken - cornish - indian game
cornish bantam type chicken

indian game bantam;

Born in England the end of the 19th century . indian game was breed from chicken breeds of Noble, Malay and Old English fighters, in addition to crossing the Black Red Game with a small bird to create its small size.

The Indian game small breed is of English origin and is also recognized in Germany. The name Indian-Game was officially translated into Cornish in 1920. It is unclear when the bird was first imported to the United States, but the bird first appeared on the St. Louis show in 1904.

This breed comes in a variety of recognized colors, including dark, white and white laced red.

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Cornish Bantam Overall impression ;

Very wide; brush; Strong boned; very muscular; hard, shiny hairs; Strength and lust for battle in appearance, posture and position.

Standard Weights:

  • Rooster 1.25 kg
  • Hen 1 kg

lays about 90 eggs a year
Light brown in egg color

indian game bantam - rooster
cornish bantam rooster
bantom chicken - game chicken
cornish bantam
chicken breeding - bantam chicken - cornish bantam - white hen
cornish bantam chicken

Also known by the names : Indische Zwerg-Kämpfer, Indian Game Bantam, Combattant Indien nain, Combattente Indiano nano, Indische Vechtkriel, Indiske Dværg-Kæmper, Bojowiec Indyjski Mniaturowy, Zdr. Indická Bojovníčka, Zdrobnělé Indické Bojovnice, Indiai Törpe Harcos, Indiyski Borec Bantam, Combatantă Indiană Pitică


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