Creeper Bantam

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Creeper bantam Chickens

The German creeper bantam of the chicken breed is of Germany origin. Swiss naturalist Conrad Gesner talks about his close relationship with the Krüper Chicken for centuries. Aldrovandi, who died in 1605, mentioned the bodies of chickens earlier, but referred to them as gnomes (Gallina pumila). The poultry breed of dwarf bodies is an avid forager, very domesticated and safe.

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The Creeper bantam chicken breed is alive. The body is carried horizontally and on short legs, fully stretched. The hair of the dwarf body breed is full and long. The animal stands very close to the ground, has a high crest, a short stature and a stocky body.

  • Rooster : 900 g
  • Hen : 800 g

120 breakfast or hatching eggs can be expected from the hen of the poultry breed creeper bantam with a hatching egg minimum weight of 35 g. The eggshell color is white.

german breeds - bantam chickens
German Creeper bantam rooster
hen - creeper chickens - bantam
German Creeper bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Krüper,  Courtes Pattes naine, Zampe Corte nana, Kruiper kriel, Kruper Miniaturowy, Törpe Krüper

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