Dominique Bantam

bantam rooster - german chickens
Dominique Bantam roosters

The bantam version of the oldest American breed was performed in Germany. The Dominique Bantam is a German breed that was bred in the 1970s. So we are dealing with an extremely young breed. However, the Dominican breed, its predecessor, comes from America. The characteristics of this breed of poultry are weather resistance, liveliness and trustworthiness. At a medium high level, the Dominique Bantam has very tight-fitting plumage. The plumage is pitted, which is a real eye-catcher for every observer. The colors change from black to blue-gray with each spring.

Small to medium in size, a little Asian touch and tight feathers in falcon drawing. Weatherproof, lively and reliable

  • Rooster: 900 gr
  • Hen: 700 gr

The shell color of the eggs is brownish and the laying capacity in one year is 120 pieces.

bantam hen - Dominique Bantam
dominik bantam hen

Also known by the names : Dominiakańskie, Törpe Dominikai, Zwerg-Dominikaner, Dominicaine naine

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Dominique chicken
Dominique chickens rare breeds
Dominicans – America’s older chicken breed; Dominique, also known as Dominicker or Pilgrim Fowl, is a colonial chicken originated in the United States during the colonial period.Dominica is the oldest American breeds chicken


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