Dresdner Bantam

black bantam - dresdner
Dresdner bantams

The Dresdner bantam is a small type of Dresdner chicken raised by Alfred Zumpe in 1948. The Dresdner Bantam is a fairly young poultry breed of German origin. The first animals were assembled from large breed chickens that remained small, Antwerp bearded bantam and light-colored Wyandotte bantam. Back then in West Germany, golden-brown New Hampshire tape and yellow Wyandot tape were used for type consolidation, which resulted in the recognition of the West German standard in 1967.

They look a little rough in terms of type. The Dresdner bantam is a lively and durable little one.

  • Rooster ; 1.0 kg
  • Hen ; 0.9 kg

It has a capacity of 180 incubation eggs per year. Dresdener baantam has its second characteristic, light colored, fibrous meat product. Check out our article on dresdner chicken, which lays more than 220 eggs

Hühnerrasse - bantam rooster - Dresdner Bantam
Dresdner bantam rooster
german chickens - bantam hen - red
Dresdner Bantam Hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Dresdner, Poule de Dresde naine, Dresda Nana, Dresdener kriel, Dværg Dresdner, Drezdeńskie Miniaturowe, Zdr. Drážďanka, Zdrobnělé Drážďanky, Törpe Drezdai

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