Dutch Bantam

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Dutch Bantam

Dutch Bantam ( Hollandse Kriel ); It is a small chicken breed originating in the Netherlands. A true bantam, a naturally tiny chicken with no large poultry to be miniaturized.

Dutch Bantams were developed in the Netherlands in the 1880s after the importation of birds from the Dutch East Indies on ships carrying them to supply meat and eggs at sea.

Dutch bantam is one of the smallest breeds. Solid in type, this original dwarf chicken presents itself with a certain grace. The neck is moved back a little. The well-rounded chest with strong arches is carried relatively high. Dutch bantam are not in great demand in the barn and exercise area. This breed is content with a relatively small amount of space. Unlike other large breeds, it is an ideal breed for breeders with limited housing options. Dutch Bantam Club

It has been known as a breed in the Netherlands since 1582. They were officially recognized as Dutch minks in 1906. It was recognized in Germany in 1963.

  • Rooster : 500-550 g
  • Hen : 400-450 g

They lay 80-160 eggs a year.

dutch - small chickens
Dutch Bantam white rooster
wild - dutch bantam
Dutch Bantam chicken hen
Dutch Bantam hen - white chickens
Dutch Bantam hen

Also known by the names : Holländische Zwerghühner, Naine Hollandaise, Olandese Nana, Gallos Holandeses Enana, Hollandsekriel, Hollandske Dværge, Holenderskie Karzełki, Nizozemska Patuljasta Kokoš, Holandská Malá, Holandské Zakrslé, Holland Törpetyúk, Bantams Olandezi, Holandska Bantamka

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