Eikenburger Bantam ( German Sebright )

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Eikenburger banram chikens

Eikenburger Zwerghühner

In 1850 the first golden Sebright Bantam came to Germany via France and quickly found fans. The further breeding of the breed was very important to some deserving breeders. So the proud bantam was further refined with the rose comb.

Other colors have also become known in the Netherlands and Spain, although in Germany they can only be found under the name Eikenburger Bantam Chikens.

There are lemon colored, lilac, yellow, yellow / white, black lacquer, pied, blue, gold with gold edging and chamois colored (chamois) white background and yellow to chimney red edging.

White Sebright come from Belgium.
Blue-lined sebrights come from the USA.
In the German breed standard, however, only silver and gold (lined) are recognized.

  • Rooster : 600 g
  • Hen : 500 g
Eikenburger bantam - rooster - small chickens
Eikenburger rooster – german sebright
german chickens - bantam type
Eikenburger hen

Also known by the names : Eikenburgerkriel, Eikenburg, Ikenboarchske kriel

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