Frizzle Bantam

Frizzle Bantam

Frizzle Bantam really lives up to its name, it looks shaggy. The Frizzle Bantam breed has been known for a long time and there is no definite information about its origin yet. It will probably have reached Europe via East Asia. Because of its frilly coat, the Frizzle Bantam appears lower, has a mid-high position, is erect, the breed is seen as a chunky cottage shape. The widest possible feathers on the neck, chest, back and wing flaps should be erect and bent towards the head.

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Erection is less developed on the tail and wings. The Frizzle Bantam poultry breed is an incubator breed that loves to breed. Frizzle Bantam feels very comfortable in a spacious enclosure where it can take a sand-dust bath which helps against parasites.

  • Rooster ; 1200 g
  • Hen ; 1000 g

The Frizzle Bantam lays 120 light brown eggs.

Frizzle Bantam - white rooster
Frizzle Bantam Rooster
baantam - german - blue - Strupphuhn
Frizzle Bantam Hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Strupphühner, Zwerg-Frizzle, Poule Frisée naine, Arricciata, Szurpate Miniaturowe, Zdr. Kučeravé, Zdr. Kadeřavé, Törpe Borzastyúk, Kadrava Kokoshka

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