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Deutsche Zwerghühner

German bantam was created by Wilhelm Müller between 1911-1917. The development of German bantams as a breed included racial village small chickens, bantam, english game fowl bantam and phoenix bantam, as well as Bankiva wild chickens. It was first published in 1917. source

German bantam grown exactly in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt. Wilhelm Müller can be called the “father” of this breed, who in a relatively short time created an extremely elegant bantam breed through targeted crossbreeding from very ancient European bantams.

German batam from Germany is an original bantam chickens, flexible, agile and lively.

  • Rooster : 750 g
  • Hen : 600 g

This little one has spread well and is now in numerous colors. Agile and lively with its thin, thin-line cylindrical shape and at the same time highly productive with 80-100 eggs per year, this little one cannot be a pure ornamental chicken.

bantam rooster - small chickens
german bantam rooster
geman bantam - hen bantam
geman bantam hen

Also known by the names : Deutsche Zwerghühner, Naine Allemande, Tedesca Nana, Pollo Alemán Enana , Duitsekriel, Tyske Dværge, Niemiecka Karłowata, Německé Zakrslé, Nemecká Malá, Német Törpetyúk, Nemska Bantamka, Pitică Germană

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