German Empire Bantam

empire chicckens - zwerg
German Empire bantam

Deutsches Zwerg-Reichshuhn

The German Empire Bantam was bred in Germany in the 1930s. Birch color was probably first exhibited in 1961, but wasn’t recognized until 1968.

The German chicken bantam breed is also the consistent implementation of the desire to breed a small representative for each large breed. What makes the German Reichshuhn Bantam so attractive is that it takes up less space and takes less food and still produces enough eggs.

So the breed of the German Reichshuhn Bantam is not only an ornamental breed, but also a useful breed. The many colors of the German Empire Bantam breed make it clear that this is also about the beauty of chickens. source

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  • Rooster ; 1.2 kg
  • Hen ; 1 kg

The small winged breed German Empire Bantam produces about 180 eggs weighing 40 g.

rooster - german - Zwerg-Reichshühner
german empire bantam rooster
Zwerg-Reichshühner - bantam hen
German Empire bantam hen
german bantam - original hen
German Empire bantam – Zwerg-Reichshuhn

Also known by the names : Deutsche Zwerg-Reichshühner, Poule du Reich naine, Regno Todesco Nana, Alemana Imperial enaa, Duitse Rijkshoenkriel, Niemiecka Rzeszowa Miniaturowa, Zdr. Nemecká Ríšska, Niemiecka Rzeszowa Miniaturowa, Német Törpe Birodalmityúk

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