German Faverolle Bantam

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German Faverolle bantam rooster

German favorella bantam ; In 1922 the first attempts to breed a dwarf breed began in Dresden. The biggest challenge was that the cock and hen are colored differently. The exact breeding route is not known. In breeding circles it is assumed that a small-sized rooster of the large breed was mated with light-colored Brahma bantam hens. Other feathered bantam breeds probably also flowed into the dwarf salmon chicken.

In 1929 the first faverolle bantam were presented in Leipzig. The faverolle bantam chickens is more common than the large breed, which has unfortunately become rare and is on the red list of endangered livestock breeds.

Faverolles bantam has dense, soft plumage. The cute animals with the hamster cheeks are naturally human and like to cuddle.

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  • Rooster: 1300g
  • Hen: 1000g

The laying capacity is 130 to 150 eggs per year.

Four colors are permitted in Germany: white, black, salmon-colored and white-black columbia. The rooster in the Bantam salmon chicken is much more colorful than the hen.

bantam chicken - faverolla - german
German Faverolle bantam hen

Also known by the names : Deutsche Zwerg-Lachshühner, Faverolles Allemande naine, Faverolles Nana, Faverolles Kriel, Dværg- Faverolles, Fawerole Miniaturowe typ Niem., Njemačka Patuljasta Losos kokoš, Zdr. Faverolka (Nenecký typ), Faverolky Zdrobnělé, Német Törpe, Lazactyúk Nemski, Faverol Bantam

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