German Leghorn Bantam

bantam type - chicken breeds - leghorn
german leghorn bantam - italiener

italiener Bantam other name German Leghorn Bantam

Germany and the UK. It was first exhibited in 1920 in Germany. Lively but reliable, elegant little bits, largely embodying the large breed, with a proud attitude and flowing lines. It brought in many colors.

  • Rooster 0.90 kg
  • Hen 0.80 kg.

The laying rate is about 140 eggs per year

The large form of the chicken breed “italiener bantam” is “italiener”.

italiener bantam - leghorn - siyah tavuk
italiener bantam rooster
hen bantam - leghorn bantam
italiener abtam hen
grey chicken - bantam - italiener
german leghorn bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Italiener, Italienne naine, Italiana Nana, Italiana enana, Leghorn kriel Ned.type, Dværg-Italiener, Włoszki Miniaturowe, Patuljasti Talijanska, Zdr. Vlaška, Zdrobnělé Vlašky, Törpe Itáliai, Italianka Bantam, Italiana Pitică

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