German Sperber Bantam

Coucou - alman tavukları - sperber
german sperber bantam

Deutsche Zwergsperber

In addition to the great German sperber, there has also been the German sperber bantam since the 1960s. This is thanks to breeders Heinrich Rehme (Osnabrück) and Paul Adam (Mülheim / Ruhr). They chose a black German bantam and a German sperber rooster as their starting animal. In 1968 the German Sperber Bantam was exhibited for the first time in public, but it did not receive good ratings due to its size, which was above the norm for the Bantam Sperber. In 1974, breeders were first rated very well at national shows. As a result, the Federal Breeding Committee recognized the German sperm bantam as a breed that same year.

Backyard hen-shaped, medium-height small with a not very deeply serrated simple comb, pure white ear discs and richly developed, hawk-marked, close-fitting plumage; lively but reassuring.

  • Rooster ; 0.90 kg
  • Hen; 0.80 kg

The laying capacity is about 120 eggs per year, that is, about one egg every 3.0 days.

Deutsche Zwerg-Sperber
sperber bantam rooster
german chickens - bantam - zwerg - huhn
sperber bantam hen

Also known by the names :Deutsche Zwerg-Sperber, Coucou Allemand naine, Sparviero Tedesco nano, Cuclillo de Alemania enano, Duitse Koekoek Kriel, Tyske Dværg-Sperber, Niemiecka Krogulcowa Miniaturowa, Német Törpe Kendermagos

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