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German Wyandotte history of the bantam breed ;

Wyandotte bantam is a little bred from Wyandotte in the USA. Breeders from different countries have paid special attention to different characteristics during breeding, so animals of the same breed and color are slightly different in country comparison. To account for these deviations, the German Wyandotte bantam breed name was officially introduced for the  Wyandottes bantam bred in Germany in 2018. They are among the “beneficial bantams” as they lay too many eggs and enough meat.

The great genus, and hence the name bantam, is a North American Indian tribal group: Wyandot or Hurons.


  • Rooster 1300 g
  • Hen 1100 g

160 eggs per year of weight 40 g or more per each. The eggs are light brown to cream color.


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Deutsche Zwerg huhn
Deutsche Zwerg Wyandotte

Also known by the names : Deutsche Zwerg-Wyandotte, Wyandotte Allemande naine, Wyandotte Tedesca nana, Wyandotte Aleman enano, Duitse Wyandotte kriel, Tyske Dværg-Wyandot, Wyandotty Niemiecky Mniaturowe, Njemačka Patuljasta Wyandotta, Zdr. Nemecká Wyandotka, Zdrobnělé Německy Wyandotky, Német Törpe Wyandott, Nemska Viandot Bantam, Wyandotte German Pitică

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bantam chicken breeds
Wyandotte Bantam
Wyandotte Bantam is an extremely popular bantam race with large ancestors from North America. Bantam race breeding started simultaneously in England and Germany.




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