Hamburg Bantam Chickens

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Hamburg Bantam chickens

The Hamburg Bantam is not, as one might assume, a German chicken from Hamburg, but a breed of poultry from England or Holland. The breed is known for its liveliness and unpretentiousness. In unfamiliar surroundings, the chickens initially feel quite uncomfortable and appear a bit shy, but this subsides after a short time. Outwardly, the hamburg bantam is a very exciting chicken. It offers a wide range of colors, the oldest and most common being silver lacquer and gold lacquer. Other colors are, for example, gold speckles, silver speckles, black, white and blue-lined.

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In terms of shape, the chicken breed is considered to be very elegant and noble due to the full, long chest and very narrow plumage. The slightly aggressive behavior in competition from other hamburg bantam roosters can become a minor problem. With an average weight of just under 1000 grams, the poultry breed can find you pretty high up in relation to other bantams. A shining head with white, smooth ear discs and a rose comb are considered a beauty deal. The tail should be carried rather flat and very closed. ( via : wiki)

  • Rooster : 1.0 kg
  • Hen : 0.8 kg
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hamburg bantam rooster
bantam - hen - daisy
Hamburg Bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Hamburger, Hambourg naine, Amburgo Nana, Hollands Hoenkriel, Dværg-Hamborger, Hamburska Miniaturowa, Patuljasta Hamburška, Zdr. Hamburčanka, Zdrobnělé Hamburčanky, Törpe Hamburgi, Hamburgska Kokoshka Bantam

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