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Japanese Bantam Chicken Information

Japanese Bantam is a Chicken breed that was first introduced to Europe in the 16th century. It was probably developed from the Indo-Chinese stock in the early 7th century in Japan. It is also known as Chabo, Shojo Chabo and Katsura Chabo. The word “Chabo” means bantam, dwarf or miniature chicken in Japanese.

It’s one of the few breeds that’s a “true bantam“, meaning it is not and never was bred.

The Japanese Bantam is one of the most popular Bantam breeds found as a backyard chicken and or pet.

japanese bantam is one of the most difficult breeds to be produced as standard. very few living eggs come out of the standard chicks.

Japanese bantam chicken is a tiny breed which is known for it’s size, extremely short legs, large combs and graceful arched tails.

The breed was recognized and admitted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1874.

Japanese Bantam can be found in all colors. There are also varieties with curling hair and silky hair for the Japanese bantam. Japanese Bantam is fed entirely for ornamentation in its own country.

weight ;

  • rooster: 510 – 600 g
  • hen: 400 – 510 g

Japanese Bantam chickens lay about 100 eggs a year, and these are really tiny.

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Also known by the names :Chabo, Nagasaki, Chabos, Šabo, Japonky, Shabo

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