La Fleche Bantam

black la fleche - bantam
La Fleche Bantam

In the late 1950s, the La Fleche Bantam was developed with the help of German Bantam and Rheinlanders. This is a German breed and from 1973 the top animals are shown, marking the first breed.

Keeping them in aviaries is as possible as free movement. Chickens are said to have good laying performance. Vitality and trouble-free breeding are the positive features of this breed, which has a substantial profitability in terms of meat. La Fleche Bantam is also characterized by inclement weather and robustness. It would be highly desirable for a larger group of breeders to adopt this breed with its attractive head points and elegant appearance.

if you wish, you can read the standard size review of La Flache Chicken.

Rooster ; 900 gr,
Hen ; 800 g

It has a laying capacity of 120 eggs per year.

bantam german blue - la fleche
La Fleche Bantam rooster
blue hen - bantam - la fleche
La Fleche Bantam blue hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-La Flèche, La Flèche Naine, La Flèche Nana, La Flèche kriel, La Flèche Miniaturowy, Zdr.Lafléška, Zdrobnělé Laflešky, Törpe La Fléche, La Flesh Bantam

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