Lakenfelder Bantam

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Lakenfelder bantam

There is no big difference between the Large Lakenfelder and his bantam version. The starting breeds for the creation of bantams are Vorwerk bantam, German light bantam, large fowl lakenfelder and German black bantam.

Long prairie chicken form with rich, well-fitting feathers and medium-high position. Both genders have the same drawing possibilities. Living being.

  • Rooster : 0.80 kg,
  • Hen : 0.70 kg

The spawning capacity is about 120 eggs per year, ie about one egg every 3.0 days. Lakenfelder bantam lays white eggs.

Lakenfelder - german - chicken breeds
Lakenfelder bantam rooster
bantam chickens -lakenfelder
Lakenfelder bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Lakenfelder, Lakenvelder naine, Lakenfeld Nana, Dværg-Lakenfelder, Lakenvelder kriel, Lakenfelder Miniaturowy, Zdr. Lakenfeldka, Törpe Lakenfeldi


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