Marans Bantam

marans chicken - rooster
marans chicken

The Marans Bantam poultry breed was likely bred in the town of the same name near La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast. However, there are also voices that say this breed was bred in England. It is said to have been made effortlessly in gold and silver colors there since 1920. It was first recognized in England in 1946.

The required height of Bantam Marans is half the size of the large breed.

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With calm use and good care, little Marans are trusting and truly tame. You have a friendly nature, but you are also assertive in a mixed group.

  • Rooster; 1100g
  • Hen; 1000g

They lay 140 eggs in a year

Marans bantam - hen cuckoo
marans bantam cuckoo hen
black hen - marans
marans Bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Marans, Marans naine, Marans nana, Marans enana, Marans kriel, Dværg-Maran, Marans Miniaturowe, Patuljasta Marans, Zdr. Marans, Zdr. Maransky, Törpe Marans, Pitică Marnas

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