Modern English Game Bantam

Modern English Game Bantam
Modern English Game Bantam - white rooster

The Modern English Game Bantam is native to England and is a miniature of the similar large breed. These chickens were first bred in England after the ban on cockfighting. They were bred after the example of the great English warriors. Later, this very respectable, proud variety was obtained by crossing various other breeds.

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It is a miniature, elegant Bantam with a lively temperament and a proud appearance. It has very long legs, a muscular and bulky body, and stiff fur. They come in a wide range of colors and leg color also depends on coat colour, so you have this breed with willow green, yellow and black legs. It is a breed that is evaluated according to its type rather than its feathers. Proud upright posture is a must to score high at exhibitions.

  • Rooster: 600 g
  • Hen: 525 g

The annual number of eggs is around 60.

rooster - game fowl - english
Modern Game Bantam Rooster
bantam game fowl - modern
Modern Game Bantam Hen

Also known by the names :Moderne Englische Zwerg-Kämpfer, Combattant Anglais Moderne nain, Combattente Inglese Moderno nano, Combatiente Inglés Moderno Enano, Moderne Engelse Vechtkriel, Moderne Engelske Dværg-Kæmper, Bojowiec Nowoangielski Miniaturowy, Moderni Engleski Patuljasti Borac, zdr Novoanglická Bojovníčka, Zdrobnělé Novoanglické Bojovnice, Modern Angol Harcos, Novoangliyski Borec Bantam, Combatantă Engleză Modernă Pitică

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