Nankin Bantam Chicken

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Nankin bantam is probably the oldest of all true bantam breeds with no more variety. It is a true small breed with no standard counterpart and one of the smallest breeds. They are a beautiful dark chestnut red brown with a black tail. Chickens should be a lighter red-buff color.

The breed is believed to originate from the Chinese city of Nanking, hence the name although the exact name is unknown. It played an important role and was used to develop the Nankin chicken and a large number of bantam breeds. It was used in the development of a Sebright breed. Today, Nanking is under the slightest threat of extinction.

The breed is recognized by the American Bantam Association and was accepted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Excellence in 2012.

  • Rooster: 680 g
  • Hen: 625 g


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nankin hen

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