New Hampshire Bantam

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New Hampsire Red and White Bantam İnformation ;

The large breed has been known in America since the second decade of the last century. A farm breed with good spawning performance and good meat set is exactly what you are looking for today, typical dual purpose chicken. In the late 1950s, there was a steep economic boom in West Germany, and small lines are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why dedicated breeders set out to breed New Hampshire bantam chicken. They go to work with small animals of the big breed and with the help of other small breeds that already exist. Wyandotten bantam, Rhodeländer bantam, Leghorn bantam, Barnevelder bantam and Italian bantam are inspired. The color golden brown in 1961 and white in 1965 was recognized.

The current well-known New Hampshire bantam breed is widely distributed around the world.

  • Rooster 1.2 Kg.
  • Hen 1 kg

They lay 140 eggs a year

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new hampsire bantam
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Also known by the names : Zwerg-New Hampshire, New Hampshire naine, New Hampshire Nana, Dværg-New Hampshire, New Hampshire kriel, New Hampshire Miniaturowy, Patuljasti Nju Hempšir, Zdr. Hempšírka, Zdrobnělé Hempšírky, Törpe New Hampshire, Nyuhempshir Bantam, New Hampshire Pitică

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The origins of the New Hampshire chicken are but 100 years old. Developed as a separate breed of Rhode Island Red chickens in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.



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