Niederrheiner Bantam

Niederrheiner Bantam
Niederrheiner Bantam chickens

The Niederrheiner Bantam breed was bred from the large breed in Germany. In the early 1940s, Ernst Runne of Ehlershausen started with this bantam. To do this, I crossed the great Niederrheiner blue chickens with Welsumer Bantam.

The poultry breed Niederrheiner Bantam has a very rounded shape with a wide, medium-high position. The Niederrheiner Bantam breed has a sensitive build and is very reliable and agile. Some of the breed characteristics of the domestic chicken breed from Niederrheiner Bantam are round, broad, somewhat stocky body, medium length neck, fully drooping and slightly curved.

  • Rooster ; 1.200 gr.
  • Hen ; 1000 gr.

Poultry chicken breed Niederrheiner Bantam lays 180 eggs in a year.

rooster - bantam - german
Niederrheiner Bantam rooster
Niederrheiner red bantam
Niederrheiner Bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Niederrheiner, Niederrheiner naine, Basso Reno Nana, Dværg-Niederrheiner, Nederrijnse Kriel, Zdr. Dolnorýnska, Zdr. Dolnorýnska, Törpe Alsó-rajnai

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