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OEG Bantams Chicken History

The Old English Game is that the progenitor of the Old English Bantam Chicken. The word bantam means small, or miniature. When England outlawed cockfighting in 1835, the bantam was developed. Since that point , they need been bred specifically for exhibition. The bantam became popular within the USA after it became a typical breed in 1925.

Breed characteristics of


Very muscular, broad and short; strongly tapered towards the saddle; slightly raised posture; firm and hard-feeling muscle ball in hand.


Except for the gender-related differences consistent with the rooster, but somewhat more horizontally in posture.

  • Cook 680 gr
  • Hen : 620 gr
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hen Old English Game Bantam
Combattant Anglais Ancien nain
Altenglische Zwerg-Kämpfer

Also known by the names : Altenglische Zwerg-Kämpfer, Combattant Anglais Ancien nain, Combattente Inglese Antico nano, Combatiente Ingles Antiguo enano, Oud-Engelse Vechtkriel, Gam. Engelske Dværg-Kæmper, Bojowiec Staroangielski Miniaturowy, Staroanglická Zdrobnelá Bojovníčka, Zdrobnělé Staroanglické Bojovnice, Óangol Törpe Harcos, Staroangliyski Borec Bantam, Combatantă Engleză Pitică

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