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The Orloff bantam breed is one of the rare breeds. In the early 20s, Rudolf Barth started to outbred the Orloff bantam . Due to a lack of space, he had to hand over the breeding to Thuringia, where the trace was then lost. In the 50s it was O. Squarr from Wilhelmshaven who resumed and also completed the small of the breed. In the east of Germany this was again achieved by the old master of Orloff breeding, Rudolf Barth.

The pattern description was published in the mid-1950s and the Orloff bantam was recognized.

The poultry breed Orloff bantam has retained its fighter character. Despite the combat impact, the Orloffs bantam become trusting. If you keep them appropriately and if you get involved with the animals, they are not aggressive. Although some roosters will be kicked if you get too close to their hens.

The Orloff breed is a bearded bantam and is bred in the colors red, mahogany, white, black, sparrowed and black and white piebald.

The Orloff bantam breed should weigh ;

  • Rooster 1200 g
  • Hen 1000 g.

The domestic chicken breed Orloff bantam , like its large relatives, is a egglayer with a remarkable laying performance of 120 eggs per year in an eggshell from creamy white to brownish.

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Also known by the names : Zwerg-Orloff, Orloff naine, Orloff Nana, Dværg-Orloff, Orloff kriel, Orłowskie Miniaturowe, Zdr. Orlovka, Zdrobnělá Orlovka, Törpe Orloff, Orlofska Kokoshka Bantam, Orloff Pitică

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