Orpington Bantam

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orpington bantam chickens

The Orpington Bantam represent a stately bantam with excellent characteristics. They were originally bred around 1912 in Leipzig. So it has been around for more than 100 years. Today they are bred in Germany in 14 different colors, whereby the distribution of the colors is different. The undisputed main color in the distribution can be defined as the black bantam orpingtons. It is available in impressive quality in almost all parts of the republic, closely followed by the yellow-black-lined and yellow small cubes. But the other color variants also have their charms and their loyal breeders.

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They have a stocky, massive build and stand very low on short legs. Due to their compact shape, they are often referred to as “cubes”.Their plumage is dense and downy. Therefore they are very weather-resistant. Source 

  • Rooster : 1500 g
  • Hen : 1300 g

Laying capacity: 110 eggs

orpington bantam - chickens
orpington bantam rooster
chicken breeds - bantam - orpington
orpington bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Orpington, Orpington Naine, Orpington Nana, Orpington kriel, Dværg-Orpington, Orpington Miniaturowy, Patuljasti Orpington, Zdr.Orpingtonka, Zdrobnělé Orpingtonky, Törpe Orpington , Orpington Pitică


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