Bantam – small chicken

What  is the difference between chicken and bantam ?


They’re both chicken, the size is the only difference.

Bantam is a small domestic chicken variety, a miniature version of a member of a standard breed, or a “real bantam” without a larger counterpart.

Bantams are grouped according to type or physical appearance into six classes;

  • Modern Game
  • Game
  • Single Comb Clean Legged
  • Rose Comb Clean Legged
  • Feather Legged
  • All Other Comb Clean Legged

American Leghorn Bantam

American leghorn bantam history; In 1835, Italian Italians arrived in Livorno port to New York. Americans were enthusiastic about the breed, happy to give...


Burma Bantam Chickens

About Burmese Bantam chicken breeds The original Burma bantam, which is claimed to return from Burma, is taken into account to be the first sort of a series of...


Andalusian Bantam Breeds

Breed İnformation ; Country of Origin UK. Elegant bantam chicken with a chartered temperament. They are elegant and fine poultry in certain colors. egg sizes...


Old English Game Bantam

OEG Bantams Chicken History The Old English Game is that the progenitor of the Old English Bantam Chicken. The word bantam means small, or miniature. When...


Amrock Bantam Chickens

Amrock bantam chickens are very social and friendly chicken breeds . This very calm and tame breed is ideal for keeping with children. Their soft and easy...