Bantam – small chicken

What  is the difference between chicken and bantam ?


They’re both chicken, the size is the only difference.

Bantam is a small domestic chicken variety, a miniature version of a member of a standard breed, or a “real bantam” without a larger counterpart.

Bantams are grouped according to type or physical appearance into six classes;

  • Modern Game
  • Game
  • Single Comb Clean Legged
  • Rose Comb Clean Legged
  • Feather Legged
  • All Other Comb Clean Legged

Bielefelder Bantam

Bielefelder Bantam is a very young breed originating in Germany and Bantam is one of the breeds. Bielefeld large fowl; It was created using Amrocks, Mecheln...


Lakenfelder Bantam

There is no big difference between the Large Lakenfelder and his bantam version. The starting breeds for the creation of bantams are Vorwerk bantam, German...


Pictave Chickens

Pictave bantam, as the name suggests, is from Poitou. Also, the term Pictave is generally known not only to the inhabitants of Poitou, but also to the Gaulish...


Ameraucana Bantam

Ameraucana Bantam is a clean-legged bird with a pea comb. Like their standard counterparts, they come in multiple colors. They also lay eggs in shades of blue...