Bantam – small chicken

What  is the difference between chicken and bantam ?


They’re both chicken, the size is the only difference.

Bantam is a small domestic chicken variety, a miniature version of a member of a standard breed, or a “real bantam” without a larger counterpart.

Bantams are grouped according to type or physical appearance into six classes;

  • Modern Game
  • Game
  • Single Comb Clean Legged
  • Rose Comb Clean Legged
  • Feather Legged
  • All Other Comb Clean Legged

Dutch Bantam

Dutch Bantam ( Hollandse Kriel ); It is a small chicken breed originating in the Netherlands. A true bantam, a naturally tiny chicken with no large poultry to...


Bassette Chickens

Bassette Liegeoise Bassete Chickens ; At the end of the 19th century, farmers in southern Limburg and the region around Liège kept small country poultry. It...


Hamburg Bantam Chickens

The Hamburg Bantam is not, as one might assume, a German chicken from Hamburg, but a breed of poultry from England or Holland. The breed is known for its...


Sussex Bantam

The Sussex Bantam was bred as a miniature version of the Sussex around 1920. It has a rectangular body, medium-length tail feathers, a wide, deep chest, red...


Brakel Bantam Chickens

Brakel’s first small types date from 1933. In Holland, Brakel bantam was bred from large breed and Sebright in 1933. From 1952, Friedrich Werthmann in...