Pekin Bantam Chickens

cochin - zwerg - pekin
cochin bantam chickens

Pekin Bantam ; China, introduced in Germany in 1886. The first Cochins bantam came to Germany as early as 1886 and probably also to Switzerland around 1890.

One actually has no idea how long the Cochins bantam have been formed by breeding hand. However, it is assumed that they, like the feather-footed bantam in Europe and chabos in Japan, have been bred for centuries according to an ideal of beauty.

It is one of thetrue bantam and exists in 24 different colors. There are five colors of these, also with curly feathers.

Massive, low-set chicken with a broad, stocky body carried low at the front. Very full, soft, downy feathering that rounds off all shapes

  • Rooster 850 g,
  • Hen 750 g.

The existing large breed Cochin has a completely different origin than the  Cochin bantam . Only the outside is very similar. There is no known large form of the Cochin bantam.

bantam chickens - true bantam
Pekin Bantam
cochin - bantam
Pekin Bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Cochin, Pékin, Cocincina Nana, Cochin Kriel, Dværg Kochin, Kochin Karłowaty, Patuljasta Kokinkina, Zdr. Kočinka, Zdrobnělé Kočinky, Törpe Cochin, Kohin Bantam, Cochinchina Pitică

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