Pictave Chickens

french bantam - true bantam - Poitou
pictave french bantam chickens

Pictave bantam, as the name suggests, is from Poitou. Also, the term Pictave is generally known not only to the inhabitants of Poitou, but also to the Gaulish tribes who lived it in Roman times and the Pictons.

Essentially, they were used as a good brooder breed for incubating pheasant eggs. It was first presented at the exhibition in Paris in 1928.

Relatively close to the ground, long and profuse neck fracture, with well developed tail. It just doesn’t have the original French bantam, oversized counterpart. It is a dynamic chicken that flies well.

  • Rooster: 800 g.
  • Hen: 600 g.
bantam - french breeds
pictave rooster
batnam hen - french - pictave
pictave hen

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