Plymouth Rock Bantam

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Plymouth rock bantam type ;

Development started in parallel at the beginning of the 20th century in England and Germany. At national level, Bantam chickens were bred by Saxon breeder Paul Büttner from Stürza / Saxon Switzerland. Breeding efforts began in 1908. Evidence shows that the first animals were displayed at exhibitions in 1914.

Initially there was only a striped color scheme, others grew over time.

Our Plymouth Rocks bantam are among the most economical and beautiful bantams. In addition to their vital, fast growing and good paving performance, they are also characterized by delicious meats.

overall impressium;

The shaping elements of the overall impression of the Dwarf Plymouth Rocks are the straight-rising back line with horizontally mounted wings, a mid-high stand, and a seamless transition to the fully closed end as an absolute focal point. The interaction of these features creates the race’s own elegance.

Color variations:

  1. Striped
  2. black
  3. White
  4. blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Gold necked
  7. Brown-banded
  8. Partridge color – striped
  9. Silver-colored band
  • Rooster 1200gr.
  • Hen 1100gr.

Hatching eggs – Minimum weight: 35g Shell color of eggs: Yellowish, lays 200 eggs per year

silver chicken - hen variety
silver plymouthrock bantam
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Partridge plymouth rock bantam
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buff plumouth rock bantam
bantam - black - plymouth rock - plymouth rock kriel
black plymouth rock bantam chicken
bantam barred rock  - barred plymouth rock bantam
barred rock bantam

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Plymouth Rocks, Plymouth Rock naine, Plymouth Rocks Nana, Dværg-Plymouth Rocks, Plymouth Rock kriel, Plymount Rock Miniaturowy, Patuljasti Plimutrok, Zdr. Plymutka, Zdrobnělé Plymutky, Törpe Plymouth Rock, Plimutrok Bantam, Plymouth Rock Pitică,

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