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Polish Bantam Type #1

This is the only species of Polish origin. In the past, it was a dual-purpose chicken that was very common among villagers and courtyards, today Polish crested chickens are hiding only for reasons. Some of them came from Italy regarding the city of Padua, from Poland, which means Poland, which means Poland.

The official name of the breed is very controversial. In many countries, especially Dutch-speaking Crested German-speaking.  This is why Dutch chickens have the greatest impact on Tepela’s genetic modification.Regardless of its name, the breed is very old. Padua was “perfected” in England in the 19th century and in the Netherlands in the 20th century.

Also, if indeed the merit of creating chickens, very small crested chickens in the breed 1880 were chosen from Java and Sebright.

Breed characteristics;

This is a light breed. The dominant element of their appearance is a round pinch and a three-piece beard that enriches their face. medium size, lightweight common type bantam poultry;

Kinds most common;

black, buff color, blue. Also available in gold black border, silver black border, white, cuckoo colors.

  • Rooster: 900 g
  • Chicken: 700 g

Although Paduadas were an ornamental breed, they provided an excellent flooring. They lay about 120 eggs, some sources mention 160 eggs.

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Poland Bantam hen
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Also known by the names : Zwerg-Paduaner, Poland Bantam, Padoue naine, Padovana Nana, Dværg-Paduaner, Nederlands Baardkuifhoenkriel, Padewskie Miniaturowe, Patuljasta Padovanska, Zdr. Paduánka, Zdrobnělé Paduánky, Törpe Páduai, Paduanka Bantam, Paduană Pitică

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