Rhode Island Bantam

rhode bantam - chickens breeds- red type
rhode island bantam chickens

In most sources, Germany is given as the country of origin of this breed. But that is not certain. Instead, the Rhode bantams were probably first bred in England around 1910.

They crossed yellow Cochin bantam with Langschan bantam and large Rhodeländer. Georg Schank from Buer and Paul Barthold from Pye tried it almost at the same time. They used a small lady of the large breed and a pretty rattleless mixed breed cock.

Rhode bantams are lively, trusting and very spirited. They do not have high demands on space, food or housing. The plumage color is an even, permanent, deep dark red with a rich sheen.

  • Rooster : 1,200-1,500g
  • Hen : 1,000-1,200g

they lay 180 eggs in a year

red- rooster - rhode island bantam
rhode island bantam rooster
rhode island - bantam heb - red chickens
rhode island bantam hen

Also known by the names : Zwerg-Rhodeländer, Rhode-Island naine, Rhode Island Nana, Dværg R.I.R., Rhode Island Red kriel, Rhode Island Miniaturowy, Zdr. Rodajlendka, Zdrobnělé Rodajlendky, Törpe Rhode Island, Rodayland Bantam, Rhode Island Pitică


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